Who we are

A branding and adverting agency with a mission to deliver world-class services to companies in Africa

Talented people

We seek talented multi-dimensional individuals and invest in them by offering one of the strongest career mentoring and training programs in our city.

Streamlined processes

Our process guides your investments whether in terms of task automation, brand identity, internal process management or social strategy

Proven technologies

The result of our work is software that satisfies the CISO code quality standards. It is secure, maintainable, efficient, and reliable. With reliable software, it's easy to grow.

Picture of Emmanuel Akindoyin

Emmanuel Akindoyin

Responsible for all the teams, coordinating day to day running of project managers and synchronizations down to contributor teams

Picture of Oduremi Temidayo
Strategy Manager

Oduremi Temidayo

Responsible for STRATEGIC MAPPING and implementation of innovative strategies

Picture of Daniel Gbede

Daniel Gbede

Manages creative solutions from art to branding and from content strategy to digital implementation

Picture of Oyindamola
Project Manager


Supporting the development, design, implementation, and maintenance of migrated and new features and functionality for all applications

Picture of Yetunde Ibrahim
Creative Manager

Yetunde Ibrahim

Creating both functional and appealing features that address clients’ needs and designing training that develop every member of the team

Picture of Ayobami
Research Manager


Responsible for research and data analytics at Casidia

Picture of Ólamilekan
Production Manager


Essentially involved in the creation, development, and editing of content videos and cinematography training

Picture of Daniel Gbede

Daniel Gbede

Responsible for directing creativity

More about Casidia

Our Organisation

March 2020

Our organisational structure is designed to give our clients access to the best talent and the most effective approaches to build excellent advertising. In branding and advertising, the process of work plays a tremendous role in project success. At Casidia, we have a clear organizational structure with leading positions occupied by experienced professionals in business analysis, advertising, content creation, branding, designs, development, management, and quality assurance.

Several years of work on advertising development and content creation have made us gained the trust of many businesses.
Casidia is an indigenous company, with world-class team from Nigeria working globally. Our clients are business owners looking to create new products or improve existing solutions.We have a production office at Casidia. This office works according to a well-defined process and uses the best approaches out there to gather content creation, build ads strategy, brand awareness, digital marketing, and excellent service delivery.

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Casidia - The heart of advertiing